Let Mohave Mist turn your backyard into a cool outdoor summer oasis with a professionally installed misting system. A controllable fine mist will welcome you, your guests, and your pets into a cool outdoor relief from Arizona’s summer sun. Mohave Mist custom designs the systems to fit your home and your needs. We can fit systems to your front porch, backyard patio, garden, landscape, pool, and gazebo. We provide free adjustable estimates to show you how you can enjoy your summer outdoors.



Keep your customers comfortable in Arizona’s summer sun with a custom misting system that keeps customers cool and dry. An adjustable fine mist provides cooling relief while also quickly evaporating into the summer days and nights. You can find our misting systems at local restaurants, resorts, RV parks, shopping centers, bars, lounges, office patios, and golf courses. Text us today for a free estimate to learn how to keep your customers cool while they enjoy what your business has to offer them.


A high-pressure pump forces water through stainless steel tubing and out of precision-engineered nozzles that are designed to create an ultra-fine mist. Mohave Mist uses high-performance nozzles that guard against dripping and corrosion. The professional pressure system produces smaller water droplets that result in a system that can drop the temperature by as much as 30 degrees. You can turn Arizona’s day-time temperature of 105 degrees into 85 degrees with our adjustable systems that create barriers to heat while keeping you dry. The systems are also ideal to clear the surrounding area of dust, smoke, airborne pollutants, and flying insects.

Mohave Mist only installs high-quality misting systems that offer superior longevity. Our systems are constructed from commercial-grade copper or stainless steel with power-coating options to match exteriors.

We represent the industry’s finest offering at the most affordable pricing.